More News of Earth-shattering Linguistic Importance

My son has officially spoken his first word.  It is “blind” (or, really, “bli” or “blih” or something like that), and seems to include both “window blind” and “window” in its definition.

[Note: this was supposed to have been posted a month or so ago, the week of Thanksgiving, but I seem to have clicked “save” rather than “publish”. The, news, however, remains as earth-shattering as ever.]

3 Responses to “More News of Earth-shattering Linguistic Importance”

  1. Claire says:

    Congratulations!! And don’t forget to close the bli.

  2. Thad Guidry says:

    Earth Shattering, I heard the rumble…or…better check his diaper.

  3. Have you derived a theory of linguistics or evolution of language from your experience with your neophyte?

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