A Challenge

I’ve been reading in Gene Wolfe’s Shadows of the New Sun, a collection of interviews and some writings on writing. (This is a delightful book for me — I’ve spent years trying to track down some of these interviews in various fanzines and whatnot.) In a 1981 interview, Wolfe muses on the decline of the popularity of poetry:

Poetry is mankind’s oldest literature to retain popularity with a bulldog grip for about 5000 years and the grip has suddenly slipped.

He goes on to say: “I’ll bet you could go through this hotel and not find a person who could name five major living poets.” So, I rose to his challenge, and while it did take me a little while, I did manage to come up with five. (This was a couple days ago, and I keep thinking of more, in what must be the trivia equivalent of esprit d’escalier.) I’m curious to know how others do with this. No time limits, and I leave the notion of “major” to your own discretion.

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  1. […] Over at his blog, Jeff Prucher has challenged readers to think of five major LIVING poets. Can you do it? No cheating, no Googling, no looking at your bookshelf or New Yorkers! For verisimilitude, pretend Alex Trebek is staring smugly at you: doo DEE doo doo, doo DEE doo. . . Write down your answers, then see if you agree with mine (after the fold). […]

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