Locus Award update

Well, two and a half months is a long time to go between posts, even for me. I finally got a copy of the last issue of Locus, and I was very pleased to discover that I came in second for the Locus Award. (The winner, Barry Malzberg’s Breakfast in the Ruins, was announced some time ago, but I didn’t see much point in posting that I lost until I found out by how much.) Malzberg pretty well creamed me, but I get some consolation from a comment in Locus that the online voters preferred BNW over Breakfast by a slight margin. Thank you, on-line voters, for your excellent taste! Those of you who have been following the brouhaha over this year’s Locus Awards should note that it’s highly unlikely that the rule change affected the outcome any — Malzberg won by 400 votes, which would be a very comfortable margin, even without the doubling of the subscribers’ votes.  (For those of you who don’t obsessively follow the vagaries of SF awards, the Locus Award has historically been voted on by the readership of Locus magazine, although voting has been open to all on the Internet for close to a decade. This year, for whatever reason, the number of non-subscriber votes was much, much higher than subscriber votes, so the folks at Locus decided to double the value of subscriber votes. They decided to do this after the votes were cast, mind you, which naturally resulted in a brouhaha.  More details can be found here and here.)

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