Stupid Author Tricks, 2

Another dorky thing the bored author can do is use Powerset to find all references to oneself in Wikipedia (because who wouldn’t want to do that?). Here are the results for me (the actual page is here):

Screenshot of Powerset search results

It’s fun to see BNW in use as a reference book, with my definition of “science fiction” appearing the appropriate article, and two citations for Gibson’s coinage of “cyberspace”, again in the obvious places. (Well, duh, you say — of course it’s being used as a reference book — it is a reference book! But you don’t usually get to see the reference in action is what I’m saying.) The odd entry is Tom Smith — the reference there uses BNW not as a lexicographic, etymological, or linguistic reference, but as a secondary source for a quotation included as a citation for the work “filker”. Granted, the citation is from a convention program book, and therefore extremely hard to track down, but it’s interesting to see BNW being used as a book of quotations as well as a dictionary.

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  1. Jeff F says:

    Of course my favorite part of the results is being asked if you mean Jeff /Pricier/.

    I was once writing an acceptance letter to a software test engineer, when Word’s spell check suggested replacing his last name with “Buggier”…and I got a bit nervous. 🙂

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