Do you have an earlier citation for a term in Brave New Words? Do you have recent evidence for a term labelled obsolete? Can you confirm (or even better, disprove) a first citation that was taken from a reprint in the original source? Do you have an example of a word defined in the dictionary, but in a different (science-fictional) sense? Let me know! Go to the “how to cite” page of the Oxford English Dictionary’s SF Citations Project website, and drop a line to one of the editors listed there.

This book would quite literally not exist without the efforts of the OED’s editors and the volunteers who manage the project and who have contributed citations. Directing citations their way is a small way of giving back to them. (The astute among you may have noticed that I am, in fact one of the contacts listed, and so some quantity of citations will come back to me, but going through the OED project ensures that the right person gets the correct citations.)

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